Gaming Tables Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove

This Pirate’s Cove board is a 4’x4′ showcase board that was commissioned for Firelock Games for their 28mm historical pirate miniatures game, Blood and Plunder.  You can see this board featured all throughout the rule book.  We made sure to add loads of details so it would make a strong first impression when they bring it to shows.

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Gaming Tables Jungle Farm

Jungle Farm

This jungle farm is set in the 17th century and was commissioned for Firelock’s Blood and Plunder historical pirate miniatures game.  It is a 4’x3′ demo board that separates into two pieces.  When separated, this board forms a crate that is 2’x3′ and 1′ thick.  Is was very similar to that of a large suitcase.

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