Who is War Cast Studios?

We are a team of creative people that love to problem solve and build beautiful terrain for tabletop gaming.  If you are thinking about a wonderous gaming table, a miniatures diorama to put on display, or a cool terrain accessory, let us build it for you.  All challenges accepted!

Creature Caster

Resin Miniatures

Creature Caster specializes in hand poured, high quality, resin miniatures for collecting, painting, and wargaming.

Rival Crafts

Miniature Scenery

High quality miniature scenery, accessories, and basing materials. Sign up to their newsletter and get 10% off.

Gaming Table

Truly something special

Let us create an immersive experience for all your customers by creating an awesome full sized gaming table.

Live Streams


Follow our very own TheBugKing on Twitch to see painting, basing, and modelling. Ask questions and learn new techniques.