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City Street and Wooden Deck Bases E-mail
Monday, 29 March 2010 09:36

Two new base themes are here.  City Street and Wooden Deck.  Earlier there was discussion about a new theme coming out soon called Curbside.  We have renamed this to City Street so they are now one and the same.  The name change was made to make that base series more searchable.

City Street bases are great for both fantasy cities and more modern cities.  The streets are brick and some bases contains sidewalk curbs, drains, and manhole covers.  This theme will really work great for Malifaux, Warmachine, Hordes, Spinespur, and Warhammer Fantasy.  Right now the 30mm fancy round is available.  The next bases to arrive in this series will be the 40mm and 50mm fancy round.  Eventually there will be the full line of square and normal round bases as well.

Wooden Deck bases will be great for a pirate theme army or any place that has old wooden floors.  30mm Fancy Round is now available and the 40mm and 50mm fancy rounds are in progress now.  This theme will also be fully flushed out to include the square and normal rounds in the future.